Bain & Company research:

Less than 1% of unlisted companies report on sustainability

Increase the sustainability reporting capabilities of your organization and your suppliers with an ESG measurement tool on the Impact OS platform. Automate the mapping of your supply chains and subscribe to dynamic ESG data from your suppliers. Visualize your sustainability, set goals and actions to develop sustainability in your organization and your supply chains.

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Educational, common sense tool for measuring your sustainability

The Impact OS platform helps companies that are yet to start their sustainability reporting to measure the impacts  of their own operations. This is a prerequisite for large companies to be able to use the platform to improve the collection of ESG data from their own supply chains.

Educational and common sense measurement tool helps SMEs to create the baseline for the first sustainability report and develop the capabilities for reporting to their own customers, financiers and authorities.

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ESG data from supply chains in an automated and results-based format

Once the sustainability baseline of your operations has been established on the Impact OS platform, it's time to invite your suppliers on the platform. The same tool that helped you to measure your sustainability will also help your suppliers to measure and report.

Create supply chains and invite suppliers to allocate data to your supply chains. In the visual Situation Room, you can see how your suppliers' work is progressing. You can subscribe to ESG data on your platform from dynamic data interfaces to establish a complete picture of your sustainability impact, including supply chains.

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Strategic and sustainable competitive advantage with visualized ESG data

The dynamic Situation Room of Impact OS platform visualizes your sustainability to support your internal decision-making, including supply chains. The Situation Room visualizes the current status and progress of sustainability, as well as enables filtering of ESG data with selected indicators.

The visual and interactive format increases the understanding of complex data and information. The sustainability data of own operations is presented real-time, which is completely different from the current standard of static sustainability reporting.

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Sustainability roadmaps to meet the requirements of customers, financiers and authorities

After the current status of your sustainability has been established and visualized on the Impact OS platform, future goals and actions to improve your sustainability can be set. Development of the actions can be monitored in real time in the Situation Room, and if desired, data can be used in communication to develop a sustainable brand image.

Roadmaps are customized and implemented in a project format using our streamlined process, which saves everyone’s time and money.

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Rapidly growing regulations require proactive measures

Increase the sustainability reporting capabilities of your organization and your suppliers with an ESG measurement tool on the Impact OS platform. Automate the mapping of your supply chains and subscribe to dynamic ESG data from your suppliers. Visualize your sustainability, set goals and actions to develop sustainability of your organization and your supply chains.

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Investors reject irresponsible companies


Almost half of the investors who responded to the survey expressed their willingness to divest from companies that do not take sufficient action on ESG issues.


More than half also say that if no action has been taken on ESG issues, it will be likely that they would vote against the executive pay deal, while a third say they have already taken this action.


A large majority says that the way a company manages ESG risks and opportunities is an important factor in investment decision-making.

The best companies have already transformed

Growing scientific evidence shows that sustainable companies outperform their rivals financially, which is reflected in investor behavior. Arabesque and the University of Oxford reviewed the academic literature on sustainability and corporate performance and found that:


Out of 200 analyzed studies, it shows that good ESG standards lower the cost of capital


of research shows that good ESG practices lead to better operational performance


shows that stock price performance is positively correlated with good ESG practices

The winners are able to meet stakeholder expectations

Mittaus -ikoni

They know how to measure sustainability of their own operations

Tavoitteet ja toimenpiteet -ikoni

They have set goals and actions to improve sustainability

Viestintä -ikoni

They know how to communicate about their sustainability performance

Toimitusketju -ikoni

They know the sustainability performance of their own suppliers and supply chains

Varmentaminen -ikoni

They do systematic work to verify the collected sustainability data

Less than 1% of unlisted companies report on sustainability, how do we get 99% on board?



Sustainability is seen as an expense.
Sustainability is recognized as an investment in financial and operational competitiveness.
No knowledge of measurement and reporting.
Educational, common sense, even free tools for measuring sustainability and for customer reporting.
Expensive and time consuming.
Low cost threshold for guided platform deployment, scalable and result-based pricing for automation of data collection in supply chains.

That's why we developed the Impact OS platform

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Ensure sustainable business growth

Start sustainability reporting and meet the requirements of customers, financiers and regulation

The EU regulation for corporate sustainability reporting is getting stricter and requires listed companies in the EU to also know the sustainability of suppliers in their supply chains starting in 2024. The change will affect everyone through supply chains, yet less than 1% of unlisted companies measure and report on sustainability.

Our Baseline package helps you to measure your sustainability, produce your first sustainability report, start customer reporting, and visualize data to support your management.

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Companies we have worked with

The Impact OS platform has been developed by carefully listening to our customers' needs and wishes in more than 60 customer projects, during which we have visualized our customers' sustainability for a competitive advantage.

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A traditional static infographic did not enable the necessary amount of information to be presented clearly.


A customized visual and dynamic roadmap on the Impact OS platform. The roadmap covers the implemented and future actions of the production facilities and their impact in order to achieve the climate and water use goals.


Provide fact-based information about sustainability actions in an easy-to-understand format so that the roadmap serves different stakeholders, such as customers and investors. The roadmap also supports Metsä Board's own personnel in answering sustainability-related questions.


Spreadsheet information about the key figures of sustainability and future plans could not be used for communication needs or to support decision-making.


A visual and interactive situation room that compiles the customer's key sustainability indicators from several reporting periods in an easy-to-understand and quick-to-use format. In addition, the actions towards carbon neutrality were brought to an interactive and visual roadmap.


Brightens e.g. to owners, employees and customers, what kind of effects have been achieved by Alva's reported sustainability actions, and clearly shows how the company intends to achieve its carbon neutrality goal. Easy updateability of the roadmap was also a key internal goal of the client.


The projects of the TYÖ2030 program used a Word format reporting template to report on the impacts of the projects. It was considered challenging to collect constantly changing information from 30 gigantic projects, and a more automated method was sought to collect the information.


An online form was customized for the program on the Impact OS platform, which allows projects to update their own progress. Filled-in forms automatically generate project pages to enhance project communication, as well as a dynamically updated snapshot of the progress and effectiveness of the entire program for the visual situation room.


The taget of the cooperation was to develop partially uniform key indicators for the projects for reporting, developing and communicating the impacts of the projects.

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