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Saves time and money in data collection and processing

The ImpactOS platform enables management, reporting and communication with dynamic data - probably for the first time for many. Shall we customize a Situation Room for you with your own key performance indicators? Book a 30 min demo meeting with us.

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Solution: Situation Room

Save time and money in data collection and processing, enable dynamic data management, reporting and communication. The solution is customized from 3 modules.

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A customized online form to automate data collection.
What information do you want to collect? What are your key performance indicators?
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Independently updateable online report for presenting results.
What information is displayed?
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Situation Room

A dynamic user interface gathers information for management and communication.
What information is displayed? How is information filtered?

To whom?

For those who need an up-to-date snapshot of the progress and effectiveness of funded targets, such as projects or target companies.

Public sector, e.g. programs, ecosystems, multi-stakeholder projects
Companies, e.g. venture capital funds, investment companies

Find out in 3 minutes how the Situation Room helps public sector actors save time and money in collecting and processing information for management, reporting and communication needs.


A traditional static infographic did not enable the necessary amount of information to be presented clearly.


A customized visual and dynamic roadmap on the Impact OS platform. The roadmap covers the implemented and future actions of the production facilities and their impact in order to achieve the climate and water use goals.


Provide fact-based information about sustainability actions in an easy-to-understand format so that the roadmap serves different stakeholders, such as customers and investors. The roadmap also supports Metsä Board's own personnel in answering sustainability-related questions.

Open Roadmap


Spreadsheet information about the key figures of sustainability and future plans could not be used for communication needs or to support decision-making.


A visual and interactive situation room that compiles the customer's key sustainability indicators from several reporting periods in an easy-to-understand and quick-to-use format. In addition, the actions towards carbon neutrality were brought to an interactive and visual roadmap.


Brightens e.g. to owners, employees and customers, what kind of effects have been achieved by Alva's reported sustainability actions, and clearly shows how the company intends to achieve its carbon neutrality goal. Easy updateability of the roadmap was also a key internal goal of the client.

Open Situation Room


The projects of the TYÖ2030 program used a Word format reporting template to report on the impacts of the projects. It was considered challenging to collect constantly changing information from 30 gigantic projects, and a more automated method was sought to collect the information.


An online form was customized for the program on the Impact OS platform, which allows projects to update their own progress. Filled-in forms automatically generate project pages to enhance project communication, as well as a dynamically updated snapshot of the progress and effectiveness of the entire program for the visual situation room.


The target of the cooperation was to develop partially uniform key indicators for the projects for reporting, developing and communicating the impacts of the projects.

Open Situation Room


The low-carbon built environment program finances a large number of projects that generate a lot of constantly changing information. Information about the progress and effectiveness of the projects was wanted to be collected in one place in an aggregated and automated manner as much as possible.


An online form was customized for the program on the ImpactOS platform, which allows projects to update their own progress. Filled-in forms automatically generate project cards to enhance project communication, as well as a dynamically updated snapshot of the progress and effectiveness of the entire program for the visual Situation Room.


The goal of the collaboration was to get more effective tools for the project leaders and the program, and to develop partially unified key indicators for the projects to report, develop and communicate the effectiveness of the projects.

Open Situation Room
Time-saving and cost-effective process for customizing and onboarding
Situation Room Process image

One Time Cost

15,000 €
Early Bird price
Customizations and onboarding
A well-facilitated, efficient workshop
Customizations of the Measure, Report and Situation Room according to information needs and graphic guidelines.
Training and instructions
100% satisfaction guarantee


249 €/month
Customized information model of Situation Room
The price includes 1 admin user account

Costs for additional users

29 €/month
Admin user account
1 admin user account is included in the monthly fee for the customized Situation Room data model

Companies we have worked with

The Impact OS platform has been developed by carefully listening to our customers' needs and wishes in more than 60 customer projects, during which we have visualized our customers' sustainability for a competitive advantage.

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Impact OS Measure -image

Kansantajuinen, kouluttava työkalu oman vastuullisuuden mittaamiseen

Impact OS -alusta auttaa yrityksiä, jotka eivät ole aloittaneet vastuullisuusraportointia, mittaamaan oman toiminnan vastuullisuuden. Tämä on edellytys sille, että suuret yritykset voivat tehostaa alustalla ESG-datan keräämistä omista toimitusketjuista.

Kansantajuinen, kouluttava mittaustyökalu auttaa pk-yrityksiä luomaan perustan ensimmäiselle vastuullisuusraportille sekä kehittää edellytyksiä raportoida omille asiakkaille, rahoittajille ja viranomaisille.

Pyydä demoa
Impact OS Supply Chains -image

ESG-dataa toimitusketjuista automatisoidusti ja tulosperusteisesti

Kun Impact OS -alustalle on ensin luotu tilannekuva toimintanne vastuullisuudesta, on aika kutsua toimittajanne alustalle. Sama työkalu, mikä auttoi mittaamaan vastuullisuutenne, auttaa toimittajianne mittaamisessa sekä raportoinnissa.

Luo toimitusketjuja sekä kutsu toimittajia allokoimaan dataa toimitusketjuihinne. Visuaalisesta Tilannehuoneesta näette, miten toimittajienne työ kehittyy, sekä tilaatte ESG-dataa alustallenne dynaamisista dataliittymistä.

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Impact OS Visualise -image

ESG-datan visualisoinnilla strategista ja kestävää kilpailuetua

Impact OS -alustan dynaaminen Tilannehuone visualisoi oman ja toimitusketjujesi vastuullisuuden sisäisen päätöksentekonne tueksi. Tilannehuone visualisoi vastuullisuuden nykytilan ja kehityksen, sekä mahdollista ESG-datan suodattamisen valituilla indikaattoreilla.

Visuaalinen ja interaktiivinen esitysmuoto auttaa kasvattamaan ymmärrystä monimutkaisesta datasta ja informaatiosta. Data oman toiminnan vastuullisuudesta on reaaliaikaista, mikä poikkeaa täysin nykyisestä staattisesta vastuullisuusraportoinnin muodosta.

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Impact OS Roadmap -image

Vastuullisuuden tiekartat asiakkaiden, rahoittajien ja viranomaisten vaatimuksiin

Kun Impact OS -alustalle on ensin luotu tilannekuva teidän ja toimitusketjujenne vastuullisuudesta, asetetaan tavoitteet ja toimenpiteet vastuullisuuden kehitykselle. Toimenpiteiden kehitystä voidaan seurata reaaliajassa Tilannehuoneesta sekä halutessa hyödyntää dataa viestinnässä vastuullisen brändimielikuvanne kehittämiseksi.

Tiekartat kustomoidaan ja käyttöönotetaan projektimuotoisesti virtaviivaistettua prosessiamme hyödyntäen, mikä säästää osapuolien aikaa ja rahaa.

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Coming in spring 2023

Frameworks that save time and money in sustainability measurement, reporting and communication. The new frameworks also make it possible to manage sustainability work with dynamic ESG data.

Frameworks for calculating the carbon footprint and defining other sustainability practices:

Did you know that...

Even the best companies know only 20% of the impacts of their own supply chains - however, 90% of the impacts of large companies are generated in the chains.

EU's tightening regulations require large companies by law to report of the impacts of their own supply chains as early from year 2024 - currently only 1% of a large company's tens of thousands of suppliers report their sustainability.

In summer 2023, ImpactOS empowers suppliers to measure and report to large buying companies who can subscribe for automated ESG data fully result-based and for a 1/5 of a coming costs. Let us tell you how this can be done.

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NFRD - CSRD -flowchart

Investors reject irresponsible companies


Almost half of the investors who responded to the survey expressed their willingness to divest from companies that do not take sufficient action on ESG issues.


More than half also say that if no action has been taken on ESG issues, it will be likely that they would vote against the executive pay deal, while a third say they have already taken this action.


A large majority says that the way a company manages ESG risks and opportunities is an important factor in investment decision-making.

The best companies have already transformed

Growing scientific evidence shows that sustainable companies outperform their rivals financially, which is reflected in investor behavior. Arabesque and the University of Oxford reviewed the academic literature on sustainability and corporate performance and found that:


Out of 200 analyzed studies, it shows that good ESG standards lower the cost of capital


of research shows that good ESG practices lead to better operational performance


shows that stock price performance is positively correlated with good ESG practices

The winners are able to meet stakeholder expectations

Mittaus -ikoni

They know how to measure sustainability of their own operations

Tavoitteet ja toimenpiteet -ikoni

They have set goals and actions to improve sustainability

Viestintä -ikoni

They know how to communicate about their sustainability performance

Toimitusketju -ikoni

They know the sustainability performance of their own suppliers and supply chains

Varmentaminen -ikoni

They do systematic work to verify the collected sustainability data

Less than 1% of unlisted companies report on sustainability, how do we get 99% on board?



Sustainability is seen as an expense.
Sustainability is recognized as an investment in financial and operational competitiveness.
No knowledge of measurement and reporting.
Educational, common sense, even free tools for measuring sustainability and for customer reporting.
Expensive and time consuming.
Low-cost threshold for guided platform onboarding, scalable and result-based pricing for automation of data collection in supply chains.

That's why we developed the Impact OS platform

Impact OS Ecosystem flowchart

Varmista liiketoiminnan kestävä kasvu

Aloita vastuullisuusraportointi ja vastaa asiakkaiden, rahoittajien sekä regulaation vaatimuksiin

EU:n vaatimukset yritysten vastuullisuusraportointia kohtaan kiristyvät ja edellyttävät EU-alueen pörssiyhtiöitä tuntemaan omien toimitusketjujen toimittajien vastuullisuus vuodesta 2024 alkaen. Muutos tulee toimitusketjujen kautta koskettamaan kaikkia, silti listaamattomista yrityksistä alle 1% mittaa ja raportoi vastuullisuudesta.

Baseline-pakettimme auttaa sinua mittaamaan vastuullisuutesi, tuottamaan ensimmäisen vastuullisuusraporttisi, aloittamaan asiakasraportoinnin, sekä visualisoimaan datan johtamisesi tueksi.

Tutustu Baselineen
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